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Why most of the Self-Made Billionaires are College Dropouts ?

Have you ever read Biography of any Self-Made Billionaires or super Successful peoples? One thing most common in those is that they were college drop-outs who started from bottom and reached top most position in their fields. so, what’s makes these college dropouts so special as compare to you or your friends who failed in their college exams. Two Words “Mindset & Culture”, these super successful people have right Mindset to drive themselves towards success and culture is what needed to broom a child to grow right mindset in him. Somewhere between learning “Mitochondria is power house of cell” and getting zero marks in exam, we never learned the most important thing in life that is “Real Life Skills” such as having right Mindset & culture to achieve success or accomplishing a dream. When we were in school all we learned is to work hard as possible to achieve A+ Grades in exams, never knowing that in next few years your report card will be just a piece of paper which will not give you soul satisfaction because somethings in life is not learned from attending lectures in 
school/college. That’s what I called Real Life Skills. 

Go out in road, help an old lady/man in crossing road, the blessings you will get from that old lady/man are 500 times more soul satisfying as compare to your own A+ report card. Reason behind this is because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how smart or brilliant you are in getting A+ Grades but if you can’t become super-hero, if you can’t help community or world to become a better place then you are living selfish life. If you look at Billionaires and successful people, they all have their own ideas to make world a better place, Example: Bill Gates’s idea of personal computer helped to bring power of computer in everyone’s home, Steve Jobs bring revolutionary ideas like iTunes for purchasing high quality music, iPad for Tablet computing brought drastic change in many people’s lives.

Remember I asked you a question at starting of this article, what’s makes these Self-Made Billionaires who are college dropouts so special as compare to you or your friends who failed in their college exams, here is your answer: they didn’t drop-out of college because they were dumb but they have different perspective to look at their life, some have amazing idea to change the world, some want to follow their passion or some want to pursue Art or some doesn’t fit in education system a.k.a miss-fits. Our Modern Education System can teach you many cool science tricks but one thing that is most important in life is your Mindset & Culture which our education system has failed to teach you how to have a right mindset to achieve success or groom a nice culture in our self to become best version of ourselves. Personally, I never got A+ grade in exam, I’m a C and D student in my school and college but still I love science and doing scientific experiment at home when I was a kid. When I grow up I realized that Schools and Colleges are good for socialization and having fun with friends, but when it comes to achieving success or accomplishing a dream you have to figure it out by yourself because somethings in life can’t be learned in classroom. I have been failed, I have been success and I have learned many life lessons in my entrepreneurial journey to becoming C.E.O & Founder of Ephrine Apps which is my first app business venture started in 2nd year of B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy).

now some of you may or may not agree with me but the fact is if you look in Forbes Top-50 Billionaires list you will notice that Billionaires & Successful people have completely different mindset and culture which can’t be learned if you follow education system blindly.

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