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Why most of the Self-Made Billionaires are College Dropouts ?

Have you ever read Biography of any Self-Made Billionaires or super Successful peoples? One thing most common in those is that they were college drop-outs who started from bottom and reached top most position in their fields. so, what’s makes these college dropouts so special as compare to you or your friends who failed in their college exams. Two Words “Mindset & Culture”, these super successful people have right Mindset to drive themselves towards success and culture is what needed to broom a child to grow right mindset in him. Somewhere between learning “Mitochondria is power house of cell” and getting zero marks in exam, we never learned the most important thing in life that is “Real Life Skills” such as having right Mindset & culture to achieve success or accomplishing a dream. When we were in school all we learned is to work hard as possible to achieve A+ Grades in exams, never knowing that in next few years your report card will be just a piece of paper which will